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8 Strategies for Recruiting the Best Professionals

Recruiting the top talent to work for your business will take both diligence and creativity. Technology has made it easier than ever to get information about job vacancies out there in front of a wide audience but connecting with qualified candidates and drive interest and excitement about your role and your company often takes some more work.

To attract the right talent to work for your business, it’s important that your company stands out as a good employer. We’ve put together some recruitment strategies that you may find useful for immediately grabbing the attention of job seekers and creating a great first impression of your company to successfully hire the best candidates.

1. Work With an HR Consultant:

If you’re running a fairly new or small business that does not yet have an in-house HR team, one of the best things that you can do when hiring new employees is to outsource HR to a professional company that can help you find the best candidates for your roles.

This resource from G&A Partners on outsourcing HR functions covers the topic in more detail, but it’s important to note that outsourcing has a lot of different benefits for companies of all sizes. However, it can be more beneficial for smaller businesses that might not always have the budget needed for hiring an in-house human resources team.

An HR professional will be able to provide advice on finding the right candidates, make sure that the hiring process is compliant, get you access to better employee benefits to stand out from your competition, and streamline the process, freeing up your time to focus more on other core business functions.

2. Apply Your Customer Service Skills:

Treating candidates like customers is a good way to make a great first impression. Too often, companies treat job candidates like they are already working for them, which is not the case. It is important to apply your customer service skills throughout the process and make sure that they know that you are excited about getting to know them.

Always be respectful of your candidates’ time, whether you’re calling them, getting them on a video conference, or arranging an in-person meeting. Consider their needs and always show up on time. Be hospitable and welcoming and make yourself available so that candidates know that they can easily get in touch with you with any concerns or questions.

3. Use an Employee Referral Program:

Great professionals will usually have a good professional network of other highly capable people in the field. If you already have some excellent employees working for your business and want to hire more, one of the best ways to do this is to implement an employee referral program in your workplace.

Many employees might already be sharing open roles with suitable candidates that they know, but a well-developed referral program will encourage employees to share vacancies even more. Incentivizing it with bonuses can encourage even more excitement and give employees even more reasons to bring their best contacts to work for your organization.

4. Use Social Media:

Today, social media isn’t just something that we use to connect with friends and family. It has also become a very powerful recruiting tool for businesses. Social recruiting makes it easy for you to share a job posting with everybody that you know online and can encourage conversations about the position.

Even if your post reaches people that are not personally interested in applying for the role that you are hiring for, they can still share it even further or recommend it to somebody that they know who might be a good fit.

5. Consider Past Candidates:

When you are hiring for a newly open position, you will often find that there are a few talented candidates that don’t end up getting hired due to certain factors, such as the timing or finding a candidate who is slightly more suitable for the role.

In the future, when you are recruiting for a similar position, it’s always worth checking in with these previous candidates to see if they are still looking for work and if they would be interested in applying. One of the main benefits here is that they are already familiar with your company and know what you are looking for.

6. Check Online Resumes:

Today, many job search sites allow job seekers to post their resume online where it is made available to hiring employers. You can find thousands of resumes online and many sites offer the option for you to filter through resumes based on the main qualities that you are looking for such as certain qualifications, skills, or experience. This gives you the chance to reach out to qualified candidates who may not have otherwise seen your job vacancy posting and let them know about the role.

7. Write Compelling Job Descriptions:

With more and more jobs being advertised online these days, looking for work has become a little bit like online shopping – and the less there is to know about a role, the less likely candidates are going to be interested in applying. When writing and posting your job description, it’s important to determine how you are going to make it stand out from the crowd.

Make your titles as specific as possible since this is going to be the first thing that potential candidates see before they click through to your job posting and learn more about the role. While it’s important to keep job descriptions concise and easy to read, you should include a captivating summary of what to expect and make sure that all the essential things to know are included.

8. Attend Industry Events:

Finally, while it’s easier than ever to find excellent job candidates online, you can also go out to industry events to meet people and broaden your audience. Job fairs can be ideal for finding qualified candidates, along with conferences and other non-recruiting-specific events where professionals may attend to network and find new opportunities.

Whatever kind of business you run, finding the right professionals for your team is key to success. With these hiring strategies, you’ll be on your way to getting the best talent on your team.

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