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8 Restaurants That Accept PayPal: Dine-in, Takeaway, And Online

Did you know that internet banking was first introduced only as far back as 1994? The advent of the internet saw more than just a rise in web browsing, gaming, etc. It led to a dramatic change in how we manage and handle our finances—on an individual and business level. Concerns over e-payments and safety saw many people and businesses hesitant.

As the move toward cashless transactions continued, challenges like security breaches, cyber fraud, etc., were dealt with. However, considering our current health climate, the need to go cash and card-free has never been more pressing.

PayPal, a digital wallet and electronic payment system, started in 1998, a mere four years after the introduction of internet banking. By 2002, it was valued at $1.5 billion. From there, it has risen to the 204th rank in Fortune 500’s list of US corporations by revenue.

How Does PayPal Work?

Starting an account is free, and you incur no charges for linking your PayPal account to your debit card, checking account and credit cards. You can then make direct payments at various retail and online stores with your PayPal balance or funds drawn from cards or accounts linked to your PayPal. By 2021, you will be able to use cryptocurrency to shop via PayPal.

More retailers, including restaurants, are allowing alternative payment methods such as PayPal. However, you can’t walk into any establishment and assume that they accept this payment method.

Here’s how the payment method works at restaurants and a list of restaurants that accept PayPal.

Using PayPal with a Digital Wallet

You can use this method for payment at numerous restaurants by linking your account to a digital wallet. By definition, a digital wallet denotes an app that permits in-store or in-restaurant payment with a phone by tapping against the checkout terminal.

If you’ve signed up for a digital wallet, the automatic transmission of your payment information will take place at the terminal. Like PayPal, you can link digital wallets to various funding sources, including debit cards, checking accounts, and credit cards.

Of the broadly used digital wallets, two permit you to link your PayPal account as a funding source: Samsung Pay and Android Pay. Apple Pay, another digital wallet, doesn’t allow you to link PayPal to your account.

If you want to use PayPal with a digital wallet at eateries that accept this payment method, ensure you link your PayPal account to your digital wallet and make it the principal funding source (if you’ve connected more than one account). When checking out at a restaurant, ensure your phone is on and tap it’s back to the checkout terminal. When your phone vibrates, it is an indication of a successful payment.

Using PayPal with an App or Website

Some fast food and delivery restaurants have an online ordering system where you can place orders for pickup or delivery through a dedicated app or website. You’ll find that several offer PayPal as a mode of payment. To use PayPal at such establishments, you’ll need to place an order online or via the app and select PayPal as your payment option at checkout.

Takeaway Restaurants That Accept PayPal

#1. Burger King

The restaurant accepts PayPal payments in-app only. To use PayPal, place an order via the Burger King app and select PayPal at checkout. You can then collect your order at your nearest Burger King location. Guests can pay securely through PayPal by launching the app and inputting a four-digit pin upon being prompted.

Besides paying through PayPal, customers can add a Burger King digital card or activate a card virtually to make payments from the app. Users can store numerous cards, reload funds, and see balances from their phones. The app also allows users to obtain exclusive discounts and offers at Burger King outlets.

#2. Chick-fil-A

The restaurant accepts PayPal, which offers customers enhanced convenience with a secure, easy, and private way of paying. Privacy and security are top priorities. As such, you can safely link your PayPal to your Chick-fil-A profile or Chick-fil-A card.

The restaurant focuses on using technology to offer convenient ways for customers to relate to its restaurants. You can even use PayPal linked to your Chick-fil-A profile to pay for large catering orders.

Besides the easy setup, PayPal permits users to obtain all the benefits and rewards offered by debit and credit cards. A significant advantage of PayPal is that it provides a virtually seamless experience that requires a simple touch to validate the payment.

#3. Dunkin’

Customers can cover food and beverage payments through Android Pay, in-app, or Samsung Pay. For in-store payments, you can simply link your PayPal account to your Samsung Pay or Android Pay wallet and use your phone to make restaurant payments.

For in-app payments, you can use PayPal to load funds into your virtual or prepaid card and place your order via the app. Dunkin’ customers with Android smartphones can use this payment method to cover beverages, food, and other items at participating locations.

Dine-in Establishments That Accept PayPal

#1. Hardee’s

The restaurant accepts PayPal payments through Samsung Pay, which offers diners a seamless, flexible, integrated, and secure choice for bill payments. Once you activate Samsung Pay on your device, you can swipe up on your device to launch it, approve the transaction with your fingerprint or PIN, and complete the purchase.

Samsung Pay is compatible with new and existing terminals in locations including NFC, magnetic stripe, and EMV terminals. The system enhances the customer experience by permitting them to pay fast and securely using their phones.

#2. Outback Steakhouse

The establishment accepts Samsung Pay and Android Pay. The dine-in offers tabletop tablets for placing and paying for orders. To use PayPal via a digital wallet, select checkout on the tablet, and tap your phone to it to complete the transaction.

#3. Cheesecake Factory

The restaurant accepts in-store and in-app payment methods. To use PayPal, you will need to download the restaurant’s app and link it to your PayPal account as your preferred payment source. You can use the app to place mobile orders for curbside service, pick up, or as a payment mode when dining.

Online Restaurants That Accept PayPal

#1. BringMeThat

An online food ordering platform with over 150,000 restaurants, BringMeThat will help you locate the nearest restaurants in your region after you input your address on the site’s homepage. The ordering system permits you to view each restaurant’s prices and menu before creating and customizing your order. Once done, you can pay for your order using your PayPal balance.

#2. GrubHub

This food ordering and delivery platform accepts PayPal via their website and app. However, while GrubHub is free, restaurants might add extra delivery charges. These charges don’t reflect on GrubHub’s website, so check with your selected restaurant beforehand.

A Few Parting Words

Restaurants are increasingly incorporating mobile payment solutions to attract the younger demographics who constitute the largest clientele and use mobile phones the most. If you’re wondering whether your location has any restaurants that accept PayPal, this comprehensive list is the best place to start.

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