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Top 5 Rock & Metal Songs With Heavy Basslines

by Lois Earles

Many music lovers underestimate the importance of the bassline in a song, and bass musicians are often seen as least significant in a band.

However, this is a huge mistake known among musicians since they understand how significant a bass line can be for a track. Still, rock and metal fans should know that many bands are successful precisely because the bass is the backbone of every track.

The best proof of this is the top five rock and metal songs we’ll see here with heavy basslines. Before we do so, if you want to see these bands and convince yourself while enjoying the bassline with a massive audience, you can visit a site like gotStubs and buy tickets immediately.

Now let’s go back to those five tracks with heavy basslines.

“Another One Bites the Dust” – Queen

This is a statement that every musician will sign with both hands – “Another One Bites the Dust” wouldn’t be as half as popular without its beautiful heavy bassline.

This classic rock song has the most memorable bass line in the world of rock music ever. Of course, one can enjoy many other excellent songs with heavy bass from different music genres, but “Another One Bites the Dust” is number one, no matter the genre.

This bass line has a catchy hook intro played by the fantastic Queen bassist John Deacon. It fuses classic rock with beautiful elements of funk and disco. In fact, the whole song is bass-driven. John’s inspiration for this disco groove bass line came from the Chic band’s track “Good Times.”

One of the most recognizable songs of all time, it ranked 34th on All-Time Top Songs by Billboard. A fun fact is that this track was part of a study to train medical pros to provide the precise number of chest compressions per minute while performing CPR!

“Orion” – Metallica

There isn’t a single person worldwide that doesn’t know about Metallica, even those that don’t know one song from this band. And it’s not a surprise since they’re so mega-popular that they’re even the only band ever to play on all continents. Yes, you read that right; Metallica played Antarctica, which certainly makes them one of the greatest metal bands of all time.

“Orion” is an excellent song with a fantastic bassline loved by metal and rock fans worldwide for its quality, but even more because it reminds everyone of Metallica’s late bassist Cliff Burton, a virtuoso on the bass instrument.

It’s an instrumental track named after the constellation Orion that starts with an interplay of the drum and bass. Cliff’s bass solos are more than fantastic, so it’s not a surprise why Burton is an idol to millions of bass players all across the globe.

His solos on “Orion” are melodically intricate that listening to them, it seems like a perfect guitar solo. Sadly, Cliff left this world way too young because of a traffic accident, but his musical legacy will stay forever!

“Wrathchild” – Iron Maiden

Another legendary band with yet another legendary song with an excellent bass line.

Maiden released this track in 1981, but it’s still popular worldwide. Rock and metal fans especially love this song for what it is, but it definitely wouldn’t be the same without its high-quality bass line. It was made by Steve Harris, featuring a galloping rhythm with funk elements.

Furthermore, “Wrathchild” is one of the most often performed Iron Maiden songs on their live tours worldwide. Even more interesting is that Steve Harris plays this track with the band, British Lion, in his solo concerts aside from playing it with Iron Maiden.

“The Chain” – Fleetwood Mac

Believe it or not, “The Chain” is the only Fleetwood Mac track credited to every band member from the ‘’Rumors” album. The reason is that this song was made from separate riffs and tracks from each member combined into one.

As for the bass line, John McVie made the popular bass line, which became one of the best and most popular ones in rock music of all time.

What’s interesting about this bass line is that it has been a part of many different movies and shows as theme music. Some examples of this are the blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and the Grand Prix on BBC.

“My Generation” – The Who

Many songs from this band can be taken as a lesson regarding the bassline since The Who’s bassist John Entwistle is regarded as an inventor of some of the greatest bass-taping techniques ever

John is one of the first bass players to use bass leads and solos in tracks like in one of this band’s best songs ever, “My Generation.” Entwistle has some fantastic bass-tapping techniques in this song, using four fingers simultaneously.

In fact, his bass line for this song proved how essential the bass instrument is for The Who’s sound. Also, the correlation between John’s bass solos and Pete’s guitar riffs creates a virtuosic essence of this track’s melody.

Interestingly, John’s bass line solo on this song is one of the first ever made in rock and metal music history!

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