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The Rules of A Successful Gambler: Join the Professionals

by Lois Earles

For those who often like wagering at gaming houses and using any casino bonus, making a living as a vocation may seem like the ultimate career path. If you believe a life of gambling is for you, the truth may come as somewhat of a shock.

There’s no assurance that you’ll be surrounded by fast vehicles, attractive ladies, and vodka martinis served shaken, not stirred. However, there are benefits and drawbacks to consider and choices to be made regarding the sort of gamer you should be if you want to gamble professionally. Here are some tips:

Study Hard, Acquiring Expertise Is Crucial

It’s a process that requires learning, and that learning never ends. It’s easy to find something to watch on TV, whether it’s a soccer game or a horse race. It would help to educate yourself on the fun or sports you wager on. Knowing where the best value casino bets are may be achieved via thorough preparation. It is said that appearances are fleeting, but character traits are enduring. To succeed, you must master both. It is also crucial to look at data and trends to determine if there are any discernible patterns.

There may be one football squad that is a nightmare team for another or one racehorse trainer who constantly aims for a given event at a specific track.

Achieve Emotional Distancing and Be Ready for Total Dedication

Having a firm will to succeed is inextricably linked to thorough preparation. After all, we are dealing with professionals in the gaming industry. Gambling is like everything else; you must give it your all to win. You should expect to devote your whole working week to this position. Your wagering choices should be based solely on cold, complex logic.

Successful casino gamblers always put their emotions aside and go with their minds and expertise. At the poker table, keeping calm and hiding your feelings is crucial. In that casino card game, bluffing is essential. You need to keep your cool under pressure, even when you believe you have a winning hand, if you want to be a good poker player.

Avoiding Superstition Is Inextricably Linked to Making Rational Choices

Even skilled gamblers have losing streaks, so although lucky charms and rituals may give you peace of mind, they aren’t a guarantee of success. If you win more frequently than you lose, you’re on your way to professional betting status, where you may charge higher odds. In addition, superstition may cloud judgment and make it harder to identify winners.

Classifications of Seasoned Gamblers

Professional gamblers come in a wide variety of styles. Of course, you need to count cards and bluff well to do well at a casino, but such skills will only get you farther if you prefer sports betting. The many professional gamblers and the skills necessary to succeed at each are outlined here.

  • “Matched bettor”: you may take advantage of the sign-up bonuses and free bets offered by almost every best payout online casino site as an added incentive to create an account with their sportsbook. In response, a new breed of gamblers known as “matched bettors” has emerged by taking advantage of “free bets” offered by various bookmakers.
  • “Horse bettor”: In the era when soccer (football) became the most popular betting sport, professional gamblers could be seen at racecourses all over the globe observing horses. Horse bettors need to start with the fundamentals, such as learning how to read the form and keeping tabs on which stables and riders are winning races. Being familiar with handicapping principles is also crucial. Since most horse races have handicaps, this is the case.
  • Sports trader: Regarding sports betting in general, the observation above concerning horse racing is applicable. As with the stock market, you may bet on or against the result of a sports event. Sports bets may be backed if you’re confident in their likelihood of happening and laid if you’re not. You may use an exchange to complement your wagers at traditional, fixed-odds bookies. That allows you to have a complete plan and cover all your bases. After all, the goal of professional gamblers is to design games in which they can never lose.
  • Arbitrage betting: That’s why we need to discuss arbing, or arbitrage betting, with our newest team member, Arb Bettor. It is feasible to detect pricing discrepancies between conceivable outcomes if you place bets across numerous platforms and sportsbooks. Those margins are where the money is, and professional casino gamblers, like any other business owner, are always looking for ways to increase their bottom line. One who engages in arb betting takes full advantage of such discrepancies.
  • Card counting: Counting is the name of the game in casino card games like blackjack. It would help if you tracked which cards are now shown and which have yet to be dealt with as the game progresses. It’s not enough to know the chances of winning or losing; you’ll also need to track which of the 52 cards has already been used. It’s not against the law to count cards, but if a casino suspects you of doing so, you’ll be kicked out of the establishment immediately.

Again, if you’re seeking a long life, a career in professional gambling is not the way to go. You can’t give this a go in a digital setting. Card counting is impossible since the deck is reshuffled after each hand.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Gambling as a Career

Betting as a profession comes with its share of perks and cons, just like any other career. Before deciding to pursue a career as a professional gambler, you should think carefully about the following:


  • It will only seem like work if you have a passion for sports or card games.
  • The elation of prevailing against the odds.
  • Money that might change your life forever.
  • When you gamble with bookies or dollar deposit casinos, the government gets a cut of your gains.


  • You could always move your operation elsewhere, but the industry has become smaller.
  • Research and expertise must be kept up to date, which may turn enjoyable activities, such as watching sports, into a chore.


Well, there you have it. The only way for a professional gambler to earn a career is to invest in becoming an expert in the sports or casino card games they bet on. Before beginning, you must check your pride and your emotions at the door and put your trust in reason and what you’ve learnt.

You can make a living gambling if you have a passion for horses, like card counting, or want to make a killing in sports trading. Each variety comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages in addition to its unique strengths.

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