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16 Songs with Heavy Bass: Music That Let You Turn Up Woofer

by Lois Earles

A recent study has proved that bass-heavy songs can help elevate moods, boost confidence, and make you feel powerful.

Bass is that unsung magic of music that ties everything together. If you’re in search of songs with heavy bass, you don’t need to look further. From rock and rap to dubstep, EDM, and hip hop, here’s a list of bass tracks to pump up your playlist.

What Is Heavy Bass?

Heavy bass music is characterized by excess or hefty bass frequencies that are heavier than guitars and almost always more than 120 decibels.

Heavy bass generates more sound intensity (dB) in the lower frequency range as compared to regular bass songs.

List of the Top 16 Songs with Heavy Bass

#1. I Can’t Stop by Flux Pavilion

One of the huge breakout hits of 2010, “I Can’t Stop” by Flux Pavilion was no less of a revolution in the dubstep genre.
Hefty dubstep beats coupled with a unique melodic sound, not only did this song shatter the regular EDM scene, but it also spilled over into the mainstream. A true definition of synth-based bass music, “I Can’t Stop” kickstarted the definition of electronic music as we know it today.

#2. Act Like You Know by Fat Larry’s Band

All thanks to its heavy smack of bass lines, this instantly recognizable piece of the early ’80s craze is one of the best songs with heavy bass. You can see its bass notes jump up and down the frequency spectrum’s bottom end with great gusto and punch.

With incredible vocals, intricate lyrics, and punchy keynotes, “Act Like You Know” is one of Fat Larry’s Band’s biggest hits.

#3. Around The World by Daft Punk

If you’re in search of some heart-thumping heavy bass songs, your search ends at Daft Punk’s songs. All the songs of this electronic music duo feature peppy and catchy beats that are as calming as they are groovy. “Around The World” is no exception.

Despite being one of their earliest contributions to bass-heavy songs, it sure managed to get their skills the much-deserved limelight. With a funky and jazzy tune, it served as a much-needed respite from the usual generic tracks from those times. This one fits right in your dance playlist.

#4. BagBak by Vince Staples

Be it the insightful lyrics or the passionate delivery or the knockout production, this bass-heavy song has everything. A track in which Ray Brady manages to make the most of a two-bar loop — from bending bass to distorting the track’s sub-3-minute runtime.

“BagBak” by Vince Staples is a short and savage track with a hollow synth melody that is a punch to the world of protest music.

#5. Above and Beyond by Bassnectar

“Above and Beyond” by Bassnectar is a track by DJ Bassnectar that is complex at its finest. Bass takes a whole new form by including strong subterranean sounds.

With extremely deep electronic lows along with a soothing melody of piano keys, this amalgamation of sound and bass cannot be ignored.

#6. Sail by Awolnation

One of Awolnation’s most popular and biggest hits, “Sail” was written and recorded by Aaron Bruno. Slightly on the weirder side, this song’s simple lyrics have left the bass free and unhindered. Distorted vocals accompany distorted bass to create a song that is powerful and fast, and yet slow.

If you’re familiar with the band’s other songs, you know of their experimental approach that combines heavy metal music with electronic elements. And it’s no different here. Traces of instrumental music come together with heavy bass and haunting vocals to create a bass-heavy melody that is sure to rock your subs.

#7. Congratulations by Post Malone

If you’ve watched movies like Fast & Furious and Spiderman, you’re probably familiar with Post Malone’s magic. One of the most popular pop artists of recent times, Post Malone is famous for mixing rap music with elements of rock and pop.

In the song “Congratulations,” Post Malone has not only added a new dimension to rap music, but he also explored the roots of heavy bass and hard rock music. With profound melodies, outstanding choruses, and an unusual blend of instrumental notes, this song boasts great punch and panache.

#8. Titanium by David Guetta

David Guetta is a French record producer, songwriter, and DJ who amassed a huge following for his unique tracks. Featuring vocals by Australian recording artist Sia, “Titanium” was a big hit for David Guetta in 2011. Not only did it change Sia’s career, but it also almost changed pop music itself.

This international runaway hit features some powerful dance-club style beats and is empowering from start to finish. Throbbing bass pulse, vintage style melody, and temperamental bass drops add intrigue and mystery to this well-paced pop song.

#9. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Arguably one of Imagine Dragons’ most popular songs, “Radioactive” not only catapulted them to heights of fame but the song also went on to become a powerful rock anthem.

One of the best bass-heavy songs, Radioactive has a perfect catchy tune that makes you dance and groove to it. With a unique mix of electronic rock and dubstep, this song has a resounding bass that is heavy and incessant. With enchanting and empowering lyrics, this is easily one of the most popular bass songs of recent times.

#10. Papercut by Linkin Park

Popular for its loud and heavy metal rock songs, Linkin Park is a renowned music band with immense fan-following.

Though the band has delivered several hits since their inception, their success journey started from their debut album’s first track, “Papercut.” A complete delight to the ears, Papercut is a song that’s been executed beautifully and is highly satisfying.

The unique mix of heavy bass and catchy tunes was a breath of fresh air from the dull generic songs of the time. No wonder it’s still a popular track that’s received emphatic cheers in rock concerts and performances.

#11. Another One Bites the Dust by Queen

This ageless classic by Queen is a popular song that has influenced both pop culture and the modern music industry in equal doses.

Though the band has delivered several hit songs like the “Final Countdown” and the “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Another One Bites the Dust” is the best bass-heavy song by them. With some great beats and catchy lyrics, this is definitely worth adding to your playlist.

#12. Massive Attack by Angel

“Massive Attack” by Angel is an outstanding song that’s in equal measure brooding and trippy. The accompanying video is as catchy as the song. It has a subtle message for its viewers — you can try and outrun your fears but at some point, they are bound to catch up with you. That’s when you realize they’re mere illusions that are better confronted than avoided.

As the track develops, the slow burn video blends beautifully with the lyrics and shifts gears with the beats. As the opening bass notes change the texture and get louder towards the end, the video also culminates perfectly.

#13. God’s Plan by Drake

Drake is undoubtedly one of the best musicians of recent times. He has managed to do something unheard of until he tried — successfully transformed the face of hip-hop music by combining rap music with pop.

One of 2018’s biggest hits, “God’s Plan” is a heavy bass song that’s famed for its catchy lyrics, upbeat music, and music video. The video that shows Drake donating money to the needy is so heartwarming, it’s hard not to shed a tear while watching it.

#14. Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas

This pumping track from Black Eyed Peas truly does boom when you turn up the volume! Hi-tech beats, auto-tuned vocals, and exploding heavy bass teams up with high electronic energy to make this a gut-punching track that’s sure to rock the dance floor.

#15. Yeah by Usher

American singer-songwriter and a major RnB sensation, Usher teams up with Lil Jon and Ludacris to deliver this major hit “Yeah.” Usher has delivered several billboard chart-toppers since his debut and is one of the most popular artists of recent times.

However, his successful journey with heavy bass began with this song. With a fast crunk tempo that is perfect for the dance floor and a thundering heavy bass that gets you grooving, this is a trippy song that’s quirky and entertaining.

#16. Hysteria by Muse

“Hysteria” is a heavy bass track from a band reputed for their energetic and electrifying rock concerts and performances. The Muse is a heavy rock band from England, well known for their experimental temperament that has led them to explore several untouched areas of music. Their forte involves using different types of instruments to create a unique fusion and flare.

“Hysteria” is a heavy electronic song bursting with energy and momentum. From beginning to end, the bass takes the central stage, empowering the high-pitched vocals of the lead singer Matthew Bellamy. However, it’s after the second chorus and during the bass guitar solos that the real magic unfolds.

A Few Parting Words

That’s the round-up of the best songs with heavy bass that’s sure to rock the frequency spectrum’s bottom end. Full of depth, detail, and subtlety, these tracks prove that when it comes to bass tracks, volume isn’t everything. Though we don’t claim this to be an exhaustive list, if you’re looking for some thrilling and heart-thumping tracks for your next dance party, this should help plenty.

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