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Zodiacs of Most Compatible Soul Mates for Cancerians

by Lois Earles

The compatibility study you will see here will apply to both the Cancer Sun and Moon signs. Thus, the same compatibility attributes will be applicable between a Cancer sun sign and any other sun sign and between a Cancer Moon sign and any other Moon sign. However, the compatibility will not apply between a Cancer Sun sign and another zodiac’s Moon sign and vice versa.

If you understand compatibility, you will be able to find a new and meaningful relationship. You will also be able to use the findings to strengthen an existing relationship if you are already in one. It will help you enjoy the new or existing relationship to its maximum potential.

In no particular order, we believe the best soul mates for Cancer are Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo.

Pisces and Cancer

The kind of relationship that you will see here is akin to the film The Notebook. Pisces and Cancer compatibility is so high that the perfect place for you to be is with each other. Both of you will be die-hard romantics. Thus, the very concept of love excites you both. You will be able to develop a very intense love affair with each other.

This highly compatible nature has a flip side. Since you will love each other’s company so much, you can become over-reliant on each other. Remember to keep a check on this co-dependency. Having your own space should not be forgotten when you are in a relationship with a Piscean. Develop your interests and have independent lives that converge. A good balance needs to be reached between your identities as a couple and as individuals.

If you can keep these aspects in mind, you will find that you have found a true soulmate. The relationship will be both emotionally and sexually charged. 

Scorpio and Cancer

As a Cancer, you will be extremely attracted to the strong personality of a Scorpio. On the other hand, A Scorpio will be drawn toward the affectionate nature of a Cancer. A Scorpio can take a lot of time to open up in a relationship. It is very understandable for a Cancer because you will be very similar in your approach as well. A Scorpio needs to feel loyalty and love before they will let their guard down.

Both the zodiacs are blessed with very good intuition. That means that you don’t need to explain your needs to each other. Somehow, you will both be able to feel what the other person wants. Thus, the emotional bonds will be intense. It will also translate to some very memorable experiences in bed.

You may face the issue that you will both be jealous creatures. If you can keep that in check, you will set yourself up for a very fruitful relationship.

Taurus and Cancer

Cancers are sensual creatures, and this will coax out the sexually creative quality of Taurus. One of the biggest turn-ons for the both of you will be true commitment, and you will find it very easy to be affectionate towards each other. Music, art, and good food will excite you both. Since you are both pleasure seekers, you will have a lot of common interests to enjoy each other’s company. Your family and friends will play an important part in your relationship as you will love having them around. 

Some problems are common between these two zodiacs. When either a Taurus or a Cancer gets upset, they immediately go into a shell. It means you will have to improve your communication skills, especially in those situations. Try focusing on how you can find a solution instead of the problem. If you can take care of this issue, you will be set up for long-term success.

Leo and Cancer

A Cancer somehow always knows what the other person is feeling. That is something that Leos love. On the other hand, as a Cancer, you will love how expressive Leos can be. As mentioned before, Cancers can have some mood issues. Leos are fun-loving by nature and will be able to change your foul mood.

The fights between a Cancer and a Leo can be quite dramatic. Leos and Cancers can become judgmental at times. Subdue this instinct and try to treat the other person with empathy. It will help you keep the connection strong.

Keep these factors in mind as you seek out a new partner or try to deal with your existing one.

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