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Get Excited About ‘Stargirl’ Season Three

When the first season of ‘Stargirl’ hit the small screen in 2020, it quickly became a fan favorite. The newest installment to the DC universe is packed with action and adventure than keeps viewers of all ages on the edge of their seats. If you aren’t already a loyal viewer of the CW series, you should be. Get ready for Season Three by catching up on all of the events of the first two seasons.

Season One

The first episode of ‘Stargirl’ introduces us to the heroine herself. High school freshman Courtney Whitmore is a normal teenage girl until she accidentally discovers the Cosmic Staff of Starman. As the Chosen One, Courtney is responsible for rebuilding the Justice Society of America, which was eradicated by the Injustice Society of America ten years before. With the help of her stepfather, Pat Dugan, Courtney puts together a team of unlikely superheroes to save the nation from the evil intentions of the JSA.

Based on the comic book series created by Geoff Johns, the first season of ‘Stargirl’ has the overarching theme of Courtney embracing her new role as a superhero. She must learn how to work with the other members of her team and figure out how to compensate for each others’ strengths and weaknesses. However, her best efforts are futile until she can truly embrace her new identity as Stargirl.

Season Two

The talented Brec Bassinger returns to reprise her role as Stargirl in the second season. Now that she has more experience as a superhero, we see a more confident version of Stargirl who will do whatever it takes to take down the ISA. The problem is that Courtney has to figure out how to balance her superhero identity with her personal responsibilities. In this season, we see Courtney struggle to find herself while strengthening her relationships with friends and family members.

Season Two follows the new JSA as the team battles the evil entity Eclipso. Along the way, the team gathers some new recruits and loses a few members, but overall emerges triumphant. We don’t yet know the overarching plot of the third season, but we can be sure that it will focus on relationships and identity much like the first two seasons.

‘Stargirl’ is a wonderful addition to the DC universe. It has a dynamic cast full of both new and familiar faces, and with its enjoyable plot, Season Three is sure to be a hit. No premiere date has been released yet, but if you start binging the first two seasons now, you’ll be all set for Season Three!

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