Starting a Mobile Bartending Service

Useful Tips for Starting a Mobile Bartending Service 

Mobile bartenders attend various event locations and set up where the coordinator of the event or customers need them. Even other bartending services provide customers with signature drinks, alcohol, staff, and glassware. And others require the client to provide their wind and alcohol. 

But the good thing about being a mobile bartender is that you are equipped with knowledge and skills, as you have training and certifications such as TABC certification. So, if you have plans to start a mobile bartending service, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will learn tips on how to start a mobile bartending service. 

Start a Mobile Bartending Business with these Easy Steps

There’s more to starting a mobile bartender business than just registering it with the state. It’s also an advantage when you have a TABC certification. 

With that, we have put together a simple guide to starting a mobile bartending service to ensure the business is well-planned. 

1. Plan the Mobile Bartending Business

A detailed plan is important for the success of a business. If you want a mobile bartending business mapping out the specifics will help you discover the unknowns. There are a few important things that you might want to consider, such as the startup and ongoing costs, your target market, how much you should charge customers, and of course, the business name. 

2. Come Up with a Legal Entity 

The most common business structure types can be sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or limited liability company, and corporation. With that, you must establish a legal business like a corporation or LLC as it protects you from being held liable if the mobile bartending has been sued. 

3. Tax Registration 

You must also register for many state and federal taxes before opening for business. For you to register for the taxes, you’re going to need to apply for EIN. But don’t worry, and it will be easy and free. You can acquire the EIN for free through the IRS website, via mail, or by fax.

4. Open a Bank Account or Avail of Credit Cards

A dedicated business bank account and credit accounts are vital in protecting your personal asset. When the person or business accounts are mixed, personal assets such as a car, home, and all other valuables would be at risk when the business faces fines and charges. 

In fact, in business law, it was referred to as piercing the corporate veil. And if you learn how to build business credit, it’s a factor to help you get credit cards and all other financings under your business name. Best of all, you can get better interest rates, higher credit lines, and more. 

5. Have a Business Accounting 

You should also have a recording of your income and expenses, as it’s crucial to understand the performance of the business. The accounting will keep your accounts detailed and accurate. It will also simplify the annual tax filing. 

6. Get Permits and Licenses 

In every business, permits, and licenses are also very important. The same goes for mobile bartending services; bartenders must attend training and obtain licenses and certifications like TABC certification.  

Failure to acquire permits and licenses may result in hefty charges and fines or even cause your mobile bartending business to shut down. 

7. Purchase a Business Vehicle 

Of course, since it’s a mobile bartending business, the vehicle is very important. Well, the costs of a mobile bar usually depends on your exact business. However, same with other businesses, you should develop a creative way to save money. 

You may even consider purchasing a used car instead of having a new one. And if you are not sure about the available options, you may reach out to local dealerships and get information about second-hand vehicles that would be a good fit for the mobile bartending business. It’s very affordable and ideal for first-timers. 

8. Get Insurance 

A mobile bartending business may be risky. And like licenses and permits, the business also needs Insurance to operate legally and safely. Insurance will protect the mobile bartending business’ well-being. 

With that, different types of policies are created for several business types with different risks. So, if you’re unsure about the risks the mobile bartending business may face, you may just start with General Liability insurance. It’s the common coverage that any small businesses need. 

9. Determine your Brand 

The brand is what the company stands for, even how consumers and customers perceive the business. Therefore, having a strong brand could help the business stand out from its competitors. With that, you should know how to promote the mobile bartending service. 

Wrapping Up

Truly, a mobile bartending business is a great way to make a profit while you do something you love. It could also be a way to be creative and make unique cocktails when serving at events. With all these tips in planning and starting a mobile bartending business, you may turn it into a success and attract more customers. 

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