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Ready For A Style Makeover? Here’s What To Do First

Does it feel like you’ve been sporting the same style for far too long? Have you forgotten what it’s like to try something new and step out of your comfort zone when it comes to personal style? Are you looking for a way to modernize your look but have no idea where to start? A style makeover can be a wonderful thing, giving you a fresh new look and filling you with confidence, but for some people, it can also seem overwhelming. With so many trends, styles, products, and procedures, it’s hard to know what to do first.

To help you prioritize your style makeover steps, we’ve gone ahead and listed a few essentials you may want to get started with.

Amp Up Your Smile and Feel More Confident

Are you the type that often covers your mouth when you smile, smiles with a closed mouth, or just feels too self-conscious to smile? If so, you aren’t alone, as there are plenty of others who also feel self-conscious when it comes to their smile. So why not do something about it so that you can embrace a dazzling and confident smile?

A great solution is to look into clear braces. Clear braces allow you to straighten your teeth discreetly and comfortably, creating that celebrity smile that you’ve been dreaming of. ALIGNERCO makes it possible for you to receive your clear aligner at home, no visit to the dentist necessary, and you’ll be able to take advantage of affordable prices. The ALIGNERCO clear aligners are convenient, comfortable, and don’t result in any food or beverage restrictions, unlike traditional metal braces.

Besides straightening your teeth, you can also amp up your smile with teeth whitening. You can use an at-home kit or get your teeth professionally whitened for faster, more impactful results.

It’s Time for a New Hairstyle

The next tip is to embrace a whole new hairstyle. This can include a new cut, style and color – the whole nine yards. While this step will offer impactful results, it can also be one of the most intimidating steps. It can be really hard to try new things, especially if you have had the same style for years.

Rather than try to guess what would work best for you, book a consultation with a stylist so you can get some professional advice. The two of you can work together to choose a style that will be flattering, modern, fresh, and fit with your lifestyle.

Brush Up On the Latest Fashion Trends

Now it’s time to address fashion, which can be the most overwhelming category of all. Trends come and go so quickly that it can feel impossible to stay on top of things. Rather than purchasing a whole new wardrobe that fits with the latest trends, you can choose a few key items that can then be paired with existing pieces in your wardrobe. This will instantly update your look but do so in a more affordable manner that lets you work with what you’ve got. If you’re really into it, Buddy Love has some gorgeous ideas starting from skirts.

In terms of what items to purchase, experts tend to suggest focusing on accessories as a way to update your wardrobe. Accessories are highly versatile and can transform any of your existing pieces.

Embrace the Latest Makeup Techniques

Then we’ve got makeup, which may or may not be something you wear. Even if you keep things minimal in this department there is still room for updates. Makeup today is often multi-purpose in that it not only acts as makeup but so many of the items also have skin-caring benefits included. What this means is that your makeup will look fresh and stylish, and you’ll be doing your skin good.

Some of the hottest makeup trends for 2021 include:

• Choose a skin tint or tinted moisturizer rather than heavy foundations that cover everything. The idea is that you let your natural skin show and the tint just works to even things out. The application should be light and effortless looking.

• Tinted lip balms and glosses are also big right now. Again, it’s the whole less is more and letting your natural beauty shine. These can also act as a lip treatment to ensure you don’t end up with dry cracked lips.

• Soft pastel shades are also having a moment, especially for summer 2021. Rather than rich dark shades on the eyes and lips, choose the muted versions of pink, purple, blue, yellow, green, and orange. The idea is to have a soft wash of color rather than bright neons or rich jewel tones.

• Skin highlights are still having a moment, but right now it’s all about the balms and liquid highlights that tend to have a more natural look on the skin.

Updating Your Look Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

By using these tips to help guide your makeover, you’ll find that it doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

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