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How Technology Is Helping Older People to Live Longer

by Lois Earles

Technology has many uses, and one of its most important is to help older people to live longer and healthier lives. If you think that an elderly person in your life could benefit from new technology, or you are simply interested in how technology could benefit older people, read on for more information.

• Personal Alarms and Medical Alerts

One of the best uses of technology when it comes to helping older people to live longer and more fulfilling lives is the creation of personal alarms. Personal alarms and medical alert systems can often be worn by the elderly person in question and can alert a doctor, the emergency services, or a loved one if an elderly person is in an emergency situation.

Not only this, but it may make a loud sound that can attract the attention of passers-by. This is especially important when they are out and about or living on their own. However, care homes often use technology like personal alarms, especially because it is unlikely that a team member will be able to stay with each resident 24/7. Many care homes also have alarms in their residential spaces that individuals can use to call for help, and some care homes and residential homes place automated calls to their residents daily to check they are well.

To find a care home that makes use of all the latest technology and that uses this tech to help their residents to live longer, you should consider searching online for care homes in your area. For instance, there are many modern care homes in Hertford that offer specialist care, such as dementia care, that could benefit from the tech in question.

• Smart Technology

Smart technology is also helping older people to live longer. For instance, smart thermostats can drastically reduce the number of older people who fall ill during the winter by keeping their homes at the right temperature automatically. Not only this, but smart technology has been developed that can notice when an older person’s routine behavior changes using sensors, and there are now smart devices that recognize when an elderly person falls or has an accident.

Smart technology, such as voice assistants, can also make life easier for elderly people and can stop them from putting so much pressure on their bodies or from performing activities that they find difficult by completing these tasks for them.

• Remote Medical Appointments

Technology, including telemedicine apps, can also help elderly people to live longer by allowing them to get hold of a doctor without having to leave the house. It can be difficult for older people to attend medical appointments, especially if they have mobility issues or can no longer drive, and this can mean they put off getting the care they need.

Remote medical appointments can ensure that your loved one is able to see a doctor regardless of where they are, and even if they live in a rural area, as long as they have a Wi-Fi connection. This can mean that your elderly person is not left struggling with a health condition for longer than they should be.

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