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22 Things to Buy in Japan That You’ll Cherish Forever

by Lois Earles

Visiting another country allows you to see the world, and experience unique cultural differences that come along with that destination. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to know what to buy. Souvenirs need to be small and portable. You may also want to buy something to commemorate your trip.

You don’t want to buy the same thing as everyone else, but you also don’t want to invest in something you may regret later. To avoid this headache, we have compiled a list of 22 things to buy in Japan you won’t regret purchasing later.

22 Things to Buy in Japan

Japan has a never-ending amount of unique products available for purchase that will let you remember your trip. While there are many options to choose from, here is a short list of things you should consider purchasing.

1. Cosmetics


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Japan is known for having the best cosmetics on the market. Their specialized formulas are not seen in many other places. By investing in them, you change your makeup game. The one downside is that you may run out at some point and have to travel back to buy more.

2. Tea Sets

Tea Sets

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There are a variety of brands to buy handmade, high-quality tea sets throughout the country. The sets come in various shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors for you to choose from. There are also stores to have a set custom-made if you have the money for it. Drinking from a Japanese tea set changes how you experience tea and reminds you of the country every time to take a sip.

3. Chopsticks


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Chopsticks from Japan are of higher quality than the average disposable chopsticks you see at restaurants. They are often hand-carved from thicker woods, including bamboo. If you don’t want wood, high-quality plastic and metal are also an option.

4. Japanese Knives


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Known for being better than knives found in most countries, knives from Japan are a great investment that helps to elevate your cooking. They are sharper, thinner, and harder than other knives on the market. These knives last you a long time for a decent price.

5. Sensu Folding Fans

Folding Fans

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These fans are traditional items from Japan that are found everywhere. They are a popular item for tourists. If you look in the right places, however, some high-quality ones to remind you of your travels every time you need a cool breeze.

6. Traditional Clothing


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Kimono, yukata, haori, and hakama are traditional clothing of Japan. While there are cheap options online that mimic the style, you could instead get the real deal from Japan and respect the culture from which this clothing originates.

7. Anime and Manga Merch


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Anime and manga are the pinnacle of Japanese pop culture. The merchandise available for all your favorite characters is well beyond your imagination. There are specific stores dedicated to a variety of merchandise from clothing to life-sized figurines from all your favorite series.

8. Snacks


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Japanese snacks are like no other. They have unique flavors that are often not sold anywhere else in the world, the most popular being matcha and cherry blossom-flavored goodies. There are also brands there not seen elsewhere. Try plenty of snacks when you visit and bring some of your favorites back home.

9. Ceramics


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Handmade ceramics from Japan are unique. The country has developed over the centuries. It is some of the oldest pottery to be found in the world and holds up after years of wear. Getting your handmade ceramics celebrates your travels and supports local businesses in Japan.

10. Maneki Neko


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This cat figure is commonly seen in Japan and is well-known by tourists. They are cute, but they also have benefits. It is said that these cats bring you good luck if you own one. Bringing some luck back home may not be a bad idea.

11. Skincare


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Similar to cosmetics, Japanese skincare is unrivaled by any other. They are some of the best in the world and many people even try to import them to their own country. However, while you’re there, it’s cheaper to buy it in Japan and bring it home with you.

12. Stationary


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Whether for school, work, or fun, Japanese stationery will change the game. The supplies in Japan are high quality and unique, fulfilling all of your wants and needs. One of the most popular stationary stores in the world, MUJI, is even located in Japan, making purchasing these products that much easier.

13. Modern Fashion Items

Fashion Items

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Japanese fashion is known for being leaps and bounds above the rest of the world as they set trends for others to follow. The fashion you buy there is not only what’s popular at the time but is also often cheaper thanks to conversion rates. Besides fashion, buying popular US brands there are cheaper as well.

14. Tea


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If there is one thing Japan is known for, it is tea. More specifically, the country is known for its green tea. The tea found in Japan varies in quality, but some of the best matchas in the world are easy to find in stores anywhere throughout the country.

15. Artwork


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Buying artwork in Japan varies depending on what you are looking for, but there is something for everyone. Consider buying traditional style art, anime and manga prints, or support unique local artists. Bringing back a unique piece of art will give you a beautiful decoration to commemorate your travels.

16. Japanese Brands


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If you want products originally made in Japan, buying them in the country is often much cheaper. This is due to conversion rates and the lack of shipping costs. If you are looking to purchase Nintendo, Sony, UNIQLO, Panasonic, or more, they are so much cheaper in Japan.

17. Gacha Toys


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Gacha toys are Japanese capsule toys that come from Gashapon machines. These machines resemble vending machines but dispense unique toys and figurines for a cheap price. They are small and cheap, which makes them easy to take back home.

18. Second-Hand Cameras


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Buying cameras second-hand in Japan is surprisingly easy. You will find all sorts of used cameras, new and old, for a cheap price. Despite being second-hand, they are often well taken care of. If you are into photography or vintage cameras, Japan has many excellent options.

19. Rice Kit


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Another thing that you may come to like in Japan is the way they make their rice. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with subpar rice when you get home as Japan sells rice cooker kits. A kit often comes with a rice cooker, storage box, washer bowl, and directions for you to follow.

20. Japanese Fountain Pen


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Fountain pens from Japan are known for being unique from other fountain pens found in the rest of the world. They have finer tips and delicate precision. The consistency during manufacturing makes them sought out by many fountain pen enthusiasts.

21. Handmade Umbrellas


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Japanese umbrellas, also known as wagasa, are oil-paper umbrellas used to protect against the sun. They are as sturdy as they are beautiful, previously used by members of the imperial family and other aristocrats. These umbrellas supposedly protected people from sunlight and even evil spirits. Use it for its designated purpose or as a decoration in your home.

22. Manga


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Unedited, original print manga is available for you to buy straight from almost any major city, which helps prevent any mistranslations or high shipping costs that occur when marketing to other countries. It is great for collectors or manga enthusiasts. However, you may not be able to read it if you don’t know much Japanese.

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