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Unique and Fun Things to Do in India

India is a beautiful and fascinating country. Recently, it has drawn much media attention, and people from all over the world are traveling there to experience this land like no other. Below, we will share some exciting things visitors can do on their Indian adventures.

In India, you can do some unique and fun things. For instance, you can ride an elephant, try white water rafting on the river Ganges, explore the subterranean world, and visit UNESCO sites. These things are not for the faint of heart, but they will be unforgettable experiences.

Ride an elephant

While there are many attractions in India where you can ride an elephant, there are some things you should know before attempting an elephant ride. In India, there are approximately 3,400 domesticated elephants.

Please only select a facility that is regulated. Elephants are beautiful animals that deserve kindness and care. We suggest Jaipur Elephant Village for this adventure. They offer rides for the public, but the elephants are never mistreated. If you are going to a different part of India, contact an elephant sanctuary in the area and inquire about a humane riding location.

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White water rafting on River Ganges

White water rafting on the River Ganges is a thrilling sport that offers an experience that will make you feel alive! The river can be over ninety feet deep at certain places and is strewn with sharp rocks. The rafting trip on the Ganges also offers stunning views of the Shivaliks, a range of mountains in the Lesser Himalayas. This adventure is particularly thrilling because of the spectacular scenery that is available.

In Uttarakhand, one of the best places to do river rafting is Rishikesh, which is situated at the base of the Himalayas. Rishikesh is an ideal place for rafting; you can experience a challenging whitewater rafting experience on the river. You can choose three stretches that range in difficulty from class 1 to class 4. The trip is excellent for all levels of rafters, and you can choose a course that is best for you.

Exploring the Indian subterranean world

These ancient structures were built between the 3rd and 19th centuries and served as vital storage areas for water. Stepwells were sophisticated works of architecture, engineering, and art. They were made in various sizes, styles, and materials. Their purpose was to provide a daily water supply all year long. India’s unique climate meant water levels could fluctuate from a trickle in dry seasons to a monsoon at times. When water was at its lowest, steps were needed to access the water table. When the level rose, those steps slowly submerged. This system continued for well over a millennium.

Visiting temples

There are numerous temples scattered throughout India. You will most likely visit at least two or three during your trip. Many of these temples are centuries old, while others are relatively new. You may have to do some research to understand the history of the temples you visit.

There are many great temples in India, including the Taj Mahal, which is the most famous. Other great temples in India include the Amritsar and Delhi temples. A trip to one of these temples will surely give you a sense of wonder and awe.


There are so many places to see, people to meet, foods to try, and unusual festivals in India, It is impossible to cover all of it in one article. We encourage you to do some research and find things that are interesting to you. From the natural wildlife in the National Parks to the bustle of the cities, you will find no other place like it. Plan to stay and experience some of the culture and ceremonies that are practiced in India. Visiting India is like visiting several worlds in one. We can say this for sure. You will be awestruck and inspired when you return home.

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