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The 8 Top Custom eLearning Development Companies Worldwide: 2022–2023

by Lois Earles

I love listicles and hope you do too. Today we have some eLearning development agencies in the crosshairs. Below, I list several established ones with impressive portfolios along with small dossiers on each for you to choose from, just in case you’re about to start an educational project.

That’s the formula by which every educational software development company will be broken down.

• Name
• Website
Hourly rate
Case studies

How did I choose the companies? The main criterion was their portfolio of delivered projects. Why? On Clutch, the largest software business directory where businesses search contractors, you can set industry filters for ‘Education’ but de facto, not every company that claims to specialize in this field actually has projects to show off, so that’s it.

Also, I did not include such secondary parameters as ‘year founded’ or ‘number of employees’ in the formula because for me, they are not definitive. But you’re welcome to share your opinion in the comments if you think otherwise, and I will review my approach in the future listings.

Let’s begin, shall we?

#1 Raccoon Gang—LMS And Open edX Development Company

Perhaps the one with the richest portfolio of eLearning solutions, which is no surprise as education is the main and only focus of Raccoon Gang. The company adjusts to demands of businesses of all sizes and is the major provider of Open edX services. Open edX is America’s open online course provider created by Harvard and MIT. Totally worth checking out.

• Name: Raccoon Gang
• Website: raccoongang.com
HQ: Tallinn, Estonia
Hourly rate: $50—$99
Case studies:

#2 Selleo—Result-Driven Process

A company that stands both feet on the ground and has quite a number of verified Clutch reviews. I enjoyed reading their case studies, all featuring reviews from the clients and all the necessary details a founder may want to know without unnecessary points.

• Name: Selleo
• Website: selleo.com
HQ: Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Hourly rate: $25—$49
Case studies:

#3 Anadea—Game-changing Apps Start Here!

Anadea drew my attention for an unexpected reason. They have case studies on their website, obviously, but also, they have a section with clients’ interviews in the section that’s called ‘For clients.’ I haven’t seen anything like it at anyone else’s. What’s remarkable is that most interviews so far are with eLearning founders. Also, their homepage is very cool. Maybe it’s just me, but I spent several minutes eyeing the details.

• Name: Anadea
• Website: anadea.info
HQ: Alicante, Spain
Hourly rate: $50—$99
Case studies:

#4 Synegen, Inc.—Together We Evolve

American company with American pricing targeted at the American market. Synegen works with educational institutions across the country and develops solution architectures for schools, colleges and universities. They have no reviews on Clutch but in my opinion, they don’t need any. It’s enough to look at their clients list to understand Synegen’s level of expertise in eLearning development. Just WOW.

• Name: Synegen, Inc.
• Website: synegen.com
HQ: Itasca, IL, US
Hourly rate: $100—$149
Case studies:

#5 Iflexion—Advanced eLearning Web Solutions

With HQ in the US and dev center in Europe, Iflexion is a worldwide-focused company with projects for both educational institutions and startups. These are proven and trustworthy company as I could judge from reviews and project list they share openly and are very clear about their terms.

• Name: Iflexion
• Website: iflexion.com
HQ: Denver, CO, US
Hourly rate: $25—$49
Case studies:

#6 CommLab India—Rapid eLearning Solutions

No listicle, as I see it, can go without an Indian company—there are so many of them and surely there are decent ones among them. CommLab specializes in educational software, providing solutions for corporate training, remote education, and microlearning. Apart from software development (the technology aspect), they also create curriculums and courses.

• Name: CommLab India
• Website: commlabindia.com
HQ: Secunderabad, India
Hourly rate: N/A
Case studies:

#7 Agentestudio—Design-driven Software Development

The Agente website is a living proof of their motto because its design is really modern and trendy, and I hope so is their software. An affordable hourly rate would be a plus for startuppers, although there are not that many elearning projects in their portfolio (but there are a couple already and I’m sure there’ll be more).

• Name: Agentestudio
• Website: agentestudio.com
HQ: New York, NY, US
Hourly rate: $25—$49
Case studies:

#8 Integra—Powering Content Transformation

Semi-outsourcing and semi-product company Integra sells their own SaaS and takes on developing custom eLearning projects for clients from around the globe. They apply advanced technologies like VR and create custom learning curricula, approaching challenging tasks.

• Name: Integra
• Website: integranxt.com
HQ: Pondicherry, India
Hourly rate: N/A
Case studies:

So as you see, the market has a lot to offer, from custom development to creating study plans for online courses. Hope you enjoyed the post and found what you were looking for!

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