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Top IT Graduate Certificates You Can Easily Get Online

by Lois Earles

Are you looking to get ahead in the fast-paced world of Information Technology (IT)? Earning a graduate certificate in IT can be an excellent way to gain specialized knowledge and experience while still being able to keep your day job.

In addition, online graduate certificates offer tremendous flexibility and convenience, allowing you to study from anywhere at any time.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best online graduate certificates in IT available today – how long they take on average, what kind of skills they equip you with, and what requirements are needed for entry.

Read on for all the details!

Information Technology Management

If you want to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving IT industry, getting a certification can help you get your foot in the door at certain organizations. When it comes to finding certifications and courses that are available online, there are many options!

First, you’ll have to decide if you want an official certificate at an accredited institution or a self-paced program. Typically, these types of programs will require 6 to 12 months of work, depending on the type and nature of the program.

Financial requirements vary as well; while some documents may cost a few hundred dollars, others can cost thousands – so do your research!

Finding a program from the many options can be a challenge. However, one popular option is Information Technology Management Certification which provides a curriculum around various IT topics. These can include:

  • Data communication
  • Computing systems
  • Project management
  • Cyber security

To receive this certificate, you’ll need at least two years of professional experience in computing technology. It’s worth looking into for those wanting to specialize their knowledge within the IT industry!

Computer Science

A computer science certificate can lead to a rewarding career with plenty of growth opportunities. With its focus on the fundamentals of computing technology and software fundamentals, the graduate certificate in computer science gives you the foundation to pursue jobs that involve coding and software development.

Those who complete such certificates are well-suited for careers as:

  • Developers
  • Security Analysts
  • Engineers
  • Systems Administrators

Moreover, professionals with these certificates also find themselves qualified for larger operations roles such as project manager or level two engineering manager. A computer science graduate certificate can be invaluable in taking your career to the next level.


A graduate certificate in cybersecurity is a great way to stand out in the job market. By studying for and getting your certificate, you can be sure that you have the technical skills employers seek in prospective employees.

With a cybersecurity graduate certificate, you can pursue positions such as:

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Security Operations Center Analyst
  • Information Assurance Engineer

All of which are vital in keeping networks safe from:

  • Data breaches
  • Malware attacks
  • Other security threats

With further training and certifications, positions with higher levels of responsibility also become available, like Network Security Engineer or Chief Information Security Officer. No matter which position you’re looking to fill, having a cybersecurity graduate certificate will make your resume stand out among potential employers.

Cloud Computing

A cloud computing certificate is a great way to get specialized knowledge for the ever-growing cloud computing industry. Cloud computing refers to offsite services as an alternative to using server hardware and software.

With a graduate certificate, you can gain expertise in every aspect of cloud computing, from configuring cloud networks to understanding distributed forms of data storage.

Furthermore, it is more than just learning the technical skills involved; your certificate helps you understand key business considerations related to using this technology within organizations.

As a result, those with a graduate certificate in cloud computing can pursue positions such as Cloud Architect or Data Engineer Manager because they have both the technical and business skills that companies increasingly seek.

A cloud computing graduate certificate provides immense opportunity and job growth.

Networking and Telecommunications

With the explosion of technology in our daily lives, having a graduate certificate in Networking and Telecommunications is becoming an increasingly valuable asset to job seekers in the tech industry. The credential offers coursework related to:

This means that those with a Networking and Telecommunications certificate can easily find employment setting up network infrastructure for major corporations and providing invaluable technical support.

Start-ups and small businesses rely heavily on workers with this knowledge base to help keep their systems and databases secure. With this type of expertise under your belt, you could even manage large networks or teach classes on basic networking techniques.

Software Design and Development

A Certificate in Software Design and Development can open the gateway to multiple job opportunities for graduates. Tech companies are always looking for Software Designers and Developers who thoroughly understand:

  • Computer programming language
  • Graphics design
  • Scripting
  • And more

With the right education, knowledge, skill set, and experience, graduates with a Software Design and Development certificate have a higher chance of getting employed at well-renowned tech companies.

They also benefit from areas such as continual learning opportunities since technology is always evolving.

As a graduate with this type of certificate, potential employers look favorably upon you. They know that you understand cutting-edge technologies like rapid application development (RAD) frameworks and web application and mobile application development platforms. All these certifications make it easier for an individual to get their dream job in a quickly growing field!

Database Administration

Having a Database Administration and Development certificate can open up many career possibilities, making it an extremely useful certificate to gain. It can improve the ability to coordinate and manage data while honing technical skills in complex database environments.

With specialized knowledge gained from the certification, you can qualify for various jobs in the IT sector, such as:

  • Database Analysts
  • Database Designers
  • Data Warehouse Administrators
  • Database Programmers

You also have the potential for long-term career growth! Along with entry into highly rewarding roles, additional advantages are its cost-effectiveness and convenience – including the flexibility to study from anywhere or at any time. All-in-all, it’s an impressive resume booster!

Get a Graduate Certificate Today

In conclusion, graduate certificates in IT are highly sought after and beneficial for any professional looking to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s:

  • IT Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Networking and Telecommunications
  • Software Design & Development
  • Database Administration

There is a program that will fit your needs. With these credentials, you can open up a wide range of job opportunities and gain specialized knowledge and experience.

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