Slingo Bingo

Why People Should Try Out Slingo Bingo

The online casino sector is always on the hunt for new ways to improve the experience for its customers. Sometimes that means cutting edge technologies and at other times it means fresh twists on popular games.

Slingo is a game that was invented in the mid-1990s and it is a blend of slots and bingo. The name is a mash-up of the two and inventor Sal Falciglia Jr was aiming to incorporate the best parts of both games into his creation.

He certainly seems to have succeeded, as Slingo took online casinos by storm. Nowadays all of the top sites feature these games and casino fans love them.

Read on to find out why that is and why you should be joining them in playing the very best slingo bingo games.

How does slingo bingo work

This game combines the 75-ball version of bingo that is the most popular in the US with a slot game. That means when you register for a game you will be confronted with an online card that has 5×5 rows of numbers – just like in 75-ball bingo.

The difference is that there is also a single line of slot reels along the bottom of the screen. You have to spin those reels and then if any numbers come up on them that are also on the bingo card, you mark them off.

Slingo also features a number of symbols as part of the game, including the Free Spins one, Super Joker and Gold Coin that can trigger instant prize wins or multiply your winnings. As you can see, it has elements of both online slots and bingo built into it.

There are Slingo bingo games available in the real world, but most people play them on the internet. Online casinos are the places to go for the best games these days and they are the main home of Slingo.

Why you should try it out

There are lots of good arguments for giving Slingo bingo a go next time you are looking for a fun form of entertainment. These are some of the key ones.

It is easy

One thing that often puts people off trying online casino gaming is that the games look difficult. There is no question that the likes of blackjack or poker require serious study and practice before you can confidently start to play them for real money.

That is not true for Slingo bingo though. Bingo and slots attract more players than any other types of online casino gaming because they are the games that anyone can pick up within a matter of minutes.

The same is true for Slingo bingo. Spin the reels and mark off any numbers on your card that pop up: it really is that simple.

It is accessible

Slingo bingo is primarily an online game and that means it is easily accessible to anyone. It is a standard part of the games offer at all good online casino sites now.

All you need is a computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection and some money to play with. Slingo cards cost very little to buy, so it is also cheap to play – further adding to its accessibility.

It is inventive

Another good reason for giving slingo bingo a spin is that it is genuinely inventive and new. Although online slots and bingo games are often given fancy new graphics or themes, ultimately they are still the same games at root.

Slingo Bingo is something different though. It may take elements from bingo (the numbered cards) and from slots (the spinning reel and symbols), but it is not exactly the same as either of them.

If you are a bit bored of the standard casino games and want something to liven up the experience, Slingo bingo promises exactly that.

It is social

One of the things that regular players like the most about bingo is its inherent sociability. Whether that means playing with friends at a bingo hall or talking to other players in an online bingo chat room, the social aspect is baked in.

That is one of the elements of it that has been carried over to Slingo bingo. The games come with chat and lobby rooms where people meet and discuss tactics or just gossip.

It is lucrative

There is no guarantee that you will win every time you play Slingo bingo, but you are sure to get some wins if you play frequently. There is something special about that sort of unexpected windfall and it is another very good reason to try the game.

There are so many reasons why you should be giving Slingo bingo a spin and no real reasons why you should not do so.

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