types of broaching tools

Types of Broaching Tools

Produce precision machining components by using the highest-quality broach tool. Broaching tools are available in various styles and applications that provide cutting-edge solutions for machining. Most broaching agencies utilize multi-tooth designs to make multiple cuts at high speeds. Learn more about the wide range of broaching tools and how you can use one to design custom components.

What are broaching tools?

Broaching tools are specialized cutting instruments that create and shape metal into different forms. While originally a slow process, technological advancements have made broaching faster and more efficient. 

In the world of machining and manufacturing, this tool is considered a vital element. Broaching tools are often used for finishing operations such as enlarging holes or slots in injection molds and shaping die casts. 

Basic Types of Broaching Tools

Most broach tools are into two primary categories: pulled and push broach. You can also classify broaching equipment into external and internal broaching gear.

• Both pull and push broach tools employ similar techniques to process materials. The push broach tool should be small enough to withstand high pressure without breaking or buckling. A pull broach is operated vertically or horizontally, producing precise cuts when workpieces are pulled between teeth.

• Internal broaches can create keyways or other inner holes that can be used in various sectors and uses. A broach inside is the ideal method to design basic or complex components with high speed.

• External Broaches, also called internal broaches, can create contours on the outside and defined lines. Create designs built-up for inserts section and tool bits that can be indexed using this innovative broaching design.

Broach Tool Components

The tooling for your broach is comprised of a plethora of precise components. A reputable broach maker or repair service needs to know every member to be able to build and repair, or service your broach. Here are a few most commonly used broach components and the nomenclature your repair service should know:

• Front pilot
• Length
• Rear pilot
• Cutting teeth
• Tooth land pitch, gullet, and tooth land
• Chip load
• Chip breakers
• Shear angle
• Side relief

Due to the fast-paced broaching and high-volume nature, the tool’s teeth could quickly wear out or dull. Make sure you maintain a routine maintenance program covering the high-demand areas of your broaching equipment. You can enjoy a high volume of production all year round with the help of professional repair services.

How Broaching Tools Work?

Based on the broaching machine you’re using, you’ll enjoy various precise machining options in hard and soft materials. Broaching is comparable to shaping, reaming, milling, and boring and competes with all these methods. 

In high-volume production applications, broaching is the best option. Contrary to typical machining processes broaching integrates the three cutting teeth into a single tool or an array of devices similar to comprising rough, semi-finish, and finishing cutting. 

Each machining process can be completed quickly, making broaching an ideal method for the large-scale processing of precision components. The best broaching tool is a reliable broaching device. Choose a horizontal, vertical chain, or turn broaching device based on the material you’re working with, the type of broaching you want to accomplish, and the budget you have set.

Typical Broaching Application

A broach machine and tool are used in many different industries. Automotive parts, fastener components for firearms, and industrial manufacturing processes all use broaching. It is essential to partner with an experienced broaching firm that understands the standards of your industry and provides comprehensive service for all broaching requirements.

Due to the rapid broaching process, it is possible to tailor your broaching services. When you want to broach hard or soft metal pieces, you can customize your broaching machine to meet the exact specifications of your industry.

Quality Broaching Services

We are Taizhou Chengchun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., specializing in broach tools that include sharpening, refurbishing, grinding, and replacing broaching equipment. From minor sharpening and grinding services to complete machine overhauls, cooperate with us and enjoy the most advanced broaching equipment and high-speed grinding. 

Get in touch with us to find out how we can assist you in achieving your goals and ensure your high-quality control requirements with reliable and durable, sturdy broaching equipment.

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