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Get Cozy in Style: Top Tips for Upgrading Your Bedroom

After coming out of winter hibernation, it is common for people to look at their bedrooms, now basking in the summer sun, and wonder if it’s time for an upgrade.

In this new age of DIY and organization, there are many ways to transform your bedroom into a new and exciting space. Here are some top tips for upgrading your bedroom to fit the latest styles.

Paint Your Bedroom

Before thinking about any other design elements, think about the last time your bedroom got a fresh coat of paint. If you want to upgrade the look and feel of your bedroom, pick a color that you like and base the rest of the design on it.

Earthy and natural tones are very popular right now because they bring a calming effect to the room. The goal is to pick a color that, when the light comes in through the windows and hits the walls, makes you feel comfortable.

Other popular colors are pink tones like salmon, blush, and coral as well as blue tones like teal, navy, and steel blue. These colors are used more often if you want to have a specific theme for your room. Nautical rooms go well with blue walls and floral rooms go well with any variation of pink.

Change Your Bed Frame

Are you still using the same bedframe that you bought for your first college apartment? Is it creaky and chipped and on the brink of collapse? If so, this may be the first item in your bedroom to upgrade.

If you are choosing to change the color of your walls, try to find a new bed frame that complements this color scheme. A dark blue wall pairs well with a white bedframe while an earthy green wall pairs well with a natural brown wood bed frame.

Add A Lamp Or Two

You would be surprised how much of a difference a few sources of light can bring to a bedroom. A lamp on a bedside table is essential for a relaxing bedroom because nobody likes having to get out of bed to turn the light off before they go to sleep.

The best type of lamp to add to your new bedroom setup would be a light-adjustable one. These lamps give you the power to make it as light or as dark as you want in your room. This is perfect for reading a book in bed or winding down for sleep. If you want some light but you don’t want it to hurt your eyes, you can dim it to your liking.

Buy A New Mattress

All too often people put off buying a new mattress until it is falling to pieces. This is not only a detriment to your dignity, but also to your health. Old mattresses harbor all kinds of nasty things like allergens, dust, sweat, and other bodily fluids. After several years of sleeping on the same mattress and breathing all of that in, you will sense the difference that a new mattress can make.

Old mattresses can also cause back pain when old springs start to push through the surface and the structure of the mattress begins to warp. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is a new mattress. Check out directbed.ca to find hundreds of top-tier brands and great prices. There are so many varieties of mattresses nowadays that you will be pleasantly surprised by the options you have now versus what you had the last time you bought a mattress.

While you’re at it, make sure you also buy some new pillows to match your new mattress. These are also an item that gets neglected for far too long. New pillows, whether they be for sleeping or decoration, will make your bedroom much cozier.

Find New Bedding

Sometimes in order to liven up a bedroom, you have to get rid of the old and bring in the new. A brand new set of sheets and pillowcases along with a comforter or duvet that matches your new color scheme will really bring new life to your bedroom.

Along with the bedding, consider buying some decorative pillows to throw on top and make the bed look more inviting. If you already have the pillow bases, go out and find new pillowcases that will brighten the room.

Add A Statement Piece

A statement piece is something that will immediately draw the eye when someone enters your bedroom. This could range from fancy curtains to a giant mirror. Here are a few suggestions:

A Chandelier

This is a growing trend among people who have bedrooms with high ceilings and although it seems a bit outlandish, a simple but elegant chandelier may be exactly what you need to spruce up your bedroom space.

A Chaise Lounge

If you have some extra room in your bedroom, a chaise lounge is a perfect addition. It will give you the freedom to relax in your bedroom without actually sitting on your bed all the time. This paired with a lap desk could make for the perfect reading nook or study space.

A Rug

A good rug can change the whole vibe of a bedroom. If your bedroom has hardwood or tile flooring, a rug is a must. If you have an old rug that doesn’t suit your style anymore, replace it with a modern one and see how it adds to the atmosphere of the space.

Maximize Your Space

Sometimes a room upgrade can be as easy as finding where to put all of your clutter and organizing your furniture in a more spacious way. The best way to make the most of your space is to buy furniture that has built-in storage. Bedside tables and bed frames that have drawers are the best way to go.

Another good way to maximize space is to build shelves. This is also a way to create a new style in your bedroom.

The task of upgrading your bedroom can be a fun and exciting experience, as it is the place where you spend a good portion of your time. If you think it’s time to upgrade your bedroom, have fun with it and use these tips to make your bedroom the best it can be.

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