us warming to online gaming

Why US States Are Warming To Online Gaming

Throughout late 2021 and early 2022, there were seismic shifts in the online realm as massive corporations did battle for the soul of the internet. This was evident in the way that Mark Zuckerberg attempted to name Web 3.0 the “Metaverse”, thus beginning a scrap for who will control this, so far, mythical virtual world, where new markets and business dealings will take place that make those in the real world appear tame in comparison.

While concepts like the Metaverse may take years to formally take shape and for their founders’ true motivations to come to light, such blatant power moves have spurred industries and legislators to act faster in order to get ahead of trends that may be about to take a grip of the digital economy.

One of the moves made has been the freeing up of online gaming legislation, which allows providers of classic online games such as casino games and poker to operate legally. Here we deep dive into why such legislative changes are being made now and what they could mean for different states and the online gaming community in the future.

us warming to online gaming

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No Longer a Need to Travel to Play

One of the obvious reasons why US state legislators decided to relax online gaming laws was that many of their constituents are now so used to living their lives online that it was strange to, on the one hand, allow physical brick and mortar casinos to exist whilst denying people the opportunity to play the exact same games online, as Casino sites in 2022 are well regulated and must comply with all sorts of checks and balances to ensure players are well looked after.

The other added benefit of the move towards the legalization of online gaming is that people no longer have to clock up miles and big gas bills in order to go and engage with their favorite gaming titles.

Tax Revenues Fill State Coffers

Another obvious and direct benefit for states that opens their airwaves to online gaming is the huge boost in tax revenues that they will see year on year. This is particularly true in states like New York, where the earnings casino game providers in the state make will be taxed at somewhere around the 50% mark. That’s high for any industry but shows the potential rewards on offer for those states still undecided about whether to welcome online gaming with open arms.

The Future of the Internet is Closely Linked to Gaming

Whether it’s the Metaverse or some other incarnation of a fully functioning virtual world, it does increasingly seem like the burgeoning online economy is due to be hosted on platforms not unlike those found in open world video games. For this reason alone, it makes sense for states to welcome online gaming into their midst, so people can be as ready as possible for the changes that are about to come.

us warming to online gaming

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States That Act Too Late Will Miss Out

Anything new is daunting and so many states are deciding to bide their time before making a decision about which way to go with the online gaming debate. One thing that is clear, though, is that those states which do take the plunge early are likely to be the ones best prepared to look after the needs of businesses and gamers because they will have the experience of knowing what works when it comes to the application of online gaming laws and practices.

While lots of US states continue to dither, US gamers wait with bated breath, hoping their favorite games will soon be available in their home state.

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