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How to Use Statistics When Sports Betting

Knowing how to bet and knowing how to use information about teams and players is paramount when getting ready to place a bet. Statistics are one of the most important things to look at before placing your bet and they are widely available. Specifically, when betting on NFL games it is paramount that you find a way to look at NFL stats.

Sports bettors always need to find a way to get ahead of the curve to make money betting on sports. There are a few certain statistics that most people look at to figure out if they should bet the moneyline, the spread, or the over/under. Generally, the over/under is a fairly easy one to figure out just by looking at statistics. Below we will go over some statistics that you must look at when betting on NFL games.

How Important is Time of Possession?

Time of possession is one of the most important things to look at when deciding on which team to bet on. Time of possession is important because the teams that have the higher time of possession per game generally have a much better-rested defense at the end of the game. That is paramount in close games as teams try to drive down the field and either tie or win the game.

Using time of possession as a sole reason to bet on or against a team isn’t a good idea. However, it can be used along with some other statistics to create a formula of statistics that mesh well together.

Turnover Margin is a Key Statistic to Look for

A good indicator of who is going to win a game is the team that turns the ball over the least amount. If you have a team that is very prone to turn the ball over playing a team that generates a lot of turnovers then that could be a statistic that you put a lot of weight on. If you can generate a lot of turnovers then that is a good indicator of being able to win the game.

Like the time of possession, it is not a statistic that you can use solely and determine whether or not you should bet on a team. It is, however, a really good indicator of performance on the field.

Yardage Statistics are a Great Indicator

Another really good statistic to look at is the myriad of yardage statistics that are available. From offensive yards per rush and offensive yards per pass attempt all the way to offensive and defensive starting field position. Generally looking at these yardage stats is much more beneficial to figure out who to bet on than anything else.

If a team is able to break off big plays then that will show up in the yardage statistics and not necessarily in the scoring totals. Offensive and defensive starting field position is also very important because having shorter fields leads to more points scored.

How Often Should You Look at Points Scored and Allowed?

Scoring should only be looked at when looking to bet on the over/under for games. There are too many variables to look at when trying to bet on the moneyline or the spread to pay much attention to scoring averages. It helps the most to look at the scoring only when you are sure that both teams are fully healthy because a few injuries could throw that off.

There are many different statistics that you can look at when figuring out who to bet on for NFL games. There are many different statistics that you can use as well but the ones above will be a good start to figuring out your path to finding what works for you.

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