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How To Start Wearing Your Unique Style

by Lois Earles

Trends come and go, but style lasts forever. It can take a boost of confidence to start branching out your clothing style and showing off your unique taste, but when you do, you’ll never look back. After all, life is too short to wear what everyone else deems attractive! If you’re ready to embrace your unique style, then read on.

Make Your Own Clothes

Making your own clothes isn’t just reserved for those with fashion degrees. Anyone with materials and a sewing machine can create a piece of clothing – it just takes practice and skill to make something worth wearing.

Your first step is to get all the equipment you need. As well as fabrics and a sewing machine, you should also shop at GoldStar Tools to buy sewing parts online. Once you have what you need, look at some online tutorials and get to work creating a piece of clothing never seen before.

Shop Second-Hand

More often than not, you find the most unique items on a vintage rail. Instead of shopping at the most popular retail stores, start browsing thrift stores for some really interesting pieces. Not only will you find cool clothes, but you’ll also be taking your money away from the fast fashion industry.

Look for Inspiration

A unique style doesn’t mean never before seen on a person. There is a lot of great fashion out there, so make it your mission to educate yourself on the different styles and look out for inspiration. Once you find something you like, you could even create a fashion mood board!

Start Small

If you’re struggling to find the confidence, start adding in your unique pieces bit by bit. If you like the bohemian style, for example, then you could start by adding in a draping scarf or a longer cardigan from time to time. After a while, you’ll become more comfortable wearing your new fashion choices, and you’ll find it easier to wear a whole outfit showing off your unique style.

Declutter Your Wardrobe

While you shouldn’t throw out every piece of clothing you own, decluttering your closet will help make room for your new pieces. Plus, once you have an idea of what you already own, you can draw inspiration from that. A pair of jeans you once threw to the back could pair nicely with the new jacket you bought.

If you end up with a huge pile of unwanted clothes, remember to either donate or sell them if they are still wearable.

Experiment with Clothes

For fashion newbies, it can be hard to know what pairs well with what, so don’t turn your nose up at an outfit before you’ve tried it on. Pair items you had never thought of pairing, try shoes in a color you’ve never tried, and try on different accessories to make any outfit pop. Not everything you try will be a fashion miracle, but you will educate yourself along the way.

It takes guts and confidence to start showing off your true style. Once you do, though, you’ll feel a million times better in yourself.

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