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What to Do on a Long Flight to Keep You Entertained: 23 Options

by Lois Earles

Traveling to new places is exciting. You get to explore a new culture and feel a sense of adventure. For most people, the worst part about traveling is the actual traveling itself, like dealing with a long flight. Long-distance flights are often boring and rather uncomfortable unless you pay for first class. There are only a few options to keep your mind occupied.

With such limited options, you may be wondering what to do on a long flight so that you don’t lose your mind. Here are 23 options for you to consider before going on your next adventure.

23 Things to Do on a Long Flight

These 23 options are a good place to start. Try them out or let them inspire your own ideas.

1. Read


With plenty of time on your flight, it is a great time to dive into a new book or finish an old one. You may even get through several books, depending on the length of your flight. Bring paper copies, or to save space, invest in a digital reader.

2. Watch a Movie or TV Show

There are endless options for TV shows and movies to binge while flying. In-flight entertainment offers many options. However, you can also connect to your favorite streaming service and watch what you want. If you don’t want to connect to the in-air Wi-Fi and pay an extra fee, download them onto a device before your flight.

3. Journal

Journaling is another good way to kill time. Spend time writing down your favorite memories, emotions, or word dump about anything that comes to mind. Who knows, you may even start a novel!

4. Work

This option may not seem as fun, but a flight is a good way to catch up on some work. Whether this be homework or a job, finishing your work before you even get off the plane means you’ll enjoy your vacation that much more.

5. Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts are everywhere these days. There are podcasts out there that appeal to everyone. Many have lengthy episodes and an even longer number of seasons. Listen to anything from current events to comedies.

6. Sleep


Taking a nap is a great way to pass the time on a long flight. Being well-rested before your journey ends improves your health, both mental and physical. If you can sleep on planes, this is a good option to consider.

7. Color

Coloring is not just for kids. There are plenty of adult coloring books available nowadays and they are both entertaining and good for your mental health. With options for difficulty level and subject, you’re sure to find a coloring book you enjoy.

8. Travel Games

Mini, portable games help to keep you entertained on a long flight. These little travel games range from card games, to dice, and even board games. Find ones to play by yourself or entice a neighbor to play with you.

9. Listen to Music

Listen to some old favorites or explore new music during your flight. By listening to music you love, you allow your mind to wander as you enjoy the songs. If you check out new music, you explore the variety of options out there, enjoy things you haven’t heard before and potentially find new songs to keep on your rotation.

10. Learn Something New

If you want something to keep your mind active, try learning a new skill. There are many tutorials online for any skill imaginable. With a tutorial, it’s easy to master the basics. Check out videos on singing, knitting, coding, and more, using that time to your advantage.

11. Puzzles


Puzzles help keep your mind awake and alert during your flight. Puzzles strengthen your brain as you sit around as well as keep you entertained. There are a variety of puzzles, ranging in difficulty, from crosswords to word finds.

12. Scroll the Internet

Playing around on your phone is a classic time killer in today’s world. Check out the newest posts your Instagram feed has to offer, watch the videos TikTok suggests, or even Google random questions that have been scratching at the back of your mind.

13. Research Your Trip

Before you land, you will want to know everything about your destination. You need to figure out where you are staying, where to eat, and what sights you want to enjoy during your visit. Explore the local culture and learn about the customs.

14. Listen to an Audiobook

If you aren’t interested in staring at a page to enjoy a book, audiobooks have become more commonplace. Let someone else read for you as you delve into the world of whatever book you please. Read a non-fiction instead to learn something new, all without having to strain your eyes.

15. Digital Games

With physical games already suggested, you may want to consider digital games. Every device has a huge amount of digital games available by simply clicking into the app store and there is always something for everyone. Many flights also have in-flight games to keep you busy if that is more your speed.

16. Draw


Even if you are not the best at it, drawing or doodling helps pass the time on your long flight. Simply doodle random figures or try to hone your skills as an artist by taking the time to create something wonderful.

17. Chat

For the more social types, try and make new friends with your neighbors. Many people on long flights are open to making new connections and engaging in conversation. You can learn a lot from a stranger after talking for several hours.

18. Organize Your Phone

Organization is relaxing for many people. Since you have access to your phone, it’s the perfect time to go through old photos. Sort your photos into folders, delete those apps you forgot existed, or customize your phone layout to meet a new aesthetic.

19. Meditate

Meditating and practicing mindfulness during your journey is beneficial for your mind and body. Release those pent-up emotions and tension with breathing, affirmations, and more as you fly through the sky to your new destination.

20. Snack

Many people like to nibble on a snack or sip a drink while they sit around. It is a mindless task to enjoy that also keeps your belly full. Enjoy new tastes that your flight may offer as you lounge.

21. Enjoy the View


Sometimes staring out the window and enjoying the view of the clouds is the best option. You are flying through the sky and taking the time to appreciate that makes all the difference.

22. Learn a Language

Depending on where you’re going, you may not even speak the language. Now is a great time to pick up the basics. Whether you are learning the language of a place you are visiting or another one that interests you, this is a fun new skill to practice.

23. Move Around

Sitting around is great for a little while, but eventually your muscles will start to get tense. Standing up and moving around once it is safe helps to alleviate that encroaching boredom. Stretch your legs and get the blood flowing while you wait for your flight to end.

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