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40 Best White Horse Names: A Touch of Uniqueness

by Lois Earles

White horses are special thanks to their unique breeding and beautiful color. These beautiful creatures need to have the perfect name to help them stand out. The names below are associated with all things white.

Whether you are looking for a horse name representing your favorite fantasy character, nature, or anything else, you are likely to find white horse names on this list to be a perfect inspiration.

40 White Horse Names to Highlight Their Grace

White Horse

When picking out names, you sometimes want something more than just a name for a white horse. Pick a category that most resonates with your desires below.

White Horse Names Inspired by Nature

If you want white horse names inspired by different parts of nature, these names based on flowers, the sky, and the stars above might provide you with just what you’re looking for.

1. Cloud: White clouds are good for representing peaceful white horses.
2. Snow: Snow is white and calm.
3. Daisy: Daisies are beautiful white flowers.
4. Marble: This stone is white with black accents.
5. Magnolia: Magnolias are another white flower that’s full of fragrance.
6. Jasmine: Another fragrant white flower is jasmine.
7. Moon: The moon represents peace, cycles, and nature, and it reflects a brilliant white light.
8. Opal: Opal is a white gemstone with fiery colors inside.
9. Pearl: A pearl comes from mollusks in the ocean and is often shiny and white.
10. Diamonds: Diamonds are strong, clear crystals that aren’t quite white, but still represent purity and calmness like the color white does.
11. Lightning: Lightning flashes bright white at its brightest moment.
12. Crystal: There are many clear crystals and the word also describes a shining brilliance and value.
13. Ivory: Ivory may have a bad connotation due to illegal trading, but no one can deny the stunning whiteness of ivory.
14. Fog: For a slightly turbulent horse, fog is a perfect name.
15. Blizzard: A horse full of passion and power may benefit from a name based on a powerful white storm.
16. Star: Stars might be giant balls of gas, but they look like shining white spotlights in the night.
17. Starlight: If the star is too simple, try starlight, the mystical light that comes off of a star.
18. Moonbeam: For a more mythical and enchanting name, try Moonbeam.

Fantasy-Based White Horse Names

Many horses in fantasy are white. If you love the fantasy genre, then one of these names may be for your horse.

19. Pegasus: Pegasus is a winged white horse from Greek mythology that is often described as being white.
20. Artax: If you’ve ever watched The Neverending Story, Artax is the famous horse that supported Bastian in his journey.
21. Shadowfax: Shadowfax is the special horse from The Lord of the Rings series that assisted Gandalf on his adventures and carried some magical powers.
22. Phantom: Phantom is one of the horses Zorro rode in The Mask of Zorro.
23. Yfandes: Yfandes is the horse from The Last Herald-Mage series that was the companion of Herald-Mage Ashkevron.
24. Silver: The Silver Mare was a gift to Daenerys Targaryen by Khal Grogo in the Game of Thrones series.
25. Bree: Bree is the horse from the Narnia series that was abducted and eventually sold to Anradin.

Names for White Horses Based on Other Famous Horses

Famous Horses

Want to manifest your horse’s destiny? Perhaps try stealing a name from a white horse that went down in history.

26. Marengo: Marengo was the warhorse of Napolean, named after the Battle of Marengo.
27. Copenhagen: Copenhagen was the Duke of Wellington’s horse that was rode in the Battle of Waterloo.
28. Palomo: Simon Bolivar’s horse that served him during his campaigns was named Palomo.
29. Gem Twist: Gem Twist was a world-champion showhorse.
30. Snowman: Snowman was a champion showjumping horse that had a true rags-to-riches story.
31. Milton: With the help of rider John Witaker, Milton became a famous showjumping horse.
32. Desert Orchid (Dessie): Desert Orchid, also known as Dessie, was a racehorse that was well known in National Hunt racing.

Other Names Interesting for White Horses

If neither nature, fantasy, nor the famous white horse suits your needs, here are some other options you can consider.

33. Angel: Angels are often associated with white and purity.
34. Champagne: Champagne is the perfect name for a bubbly horse.
35. Marshmallow: If you have a cute and sweet mare, Marshmallow is a name to describe them perfectly.
36. Sugar: If you want a sweet horse, name it Sugar.
37. Luna: Luna is a name that’s not quite as obvious as Moonbeam, but still carries the same feeling behind it.
38. Ghost: Ghosts are often associated with being white and ethereal and is the perfect name for a sneaky and fast horse.
39. Shiro: For a more foreign horse name, go with the Japanese word for white.
40. Blanco: Similar to Shiro, blanco is the Spanish word for white.

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