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Why Is Reddit So Slow? All You Need to Know

by Lois Earles

Reddit has gained an inordinate amount of traction in the recent decade with at least 52 million daily active users today. You can post links, images, videos, join discussions, and be part of communities. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it decentralizes moderation for more freedom of speech and open discussions.

The only problem is, sometimes Reddit takes too long to load. So, why is Reddit so slow? Here are some possible explanations and what you can do to make Reddit load faster.

6 Possible Reasons: Why Is Reddit So Slow

Possible Reasons

According to Downdetector, most users face more problems with the website than with the app. A quick scan of how Redditors have responded to the question “why is Reddit so slow” reveals that the experience with Reddit when it comes to the versions (app and website) and loading time differ from user to user.

So there are a number of reasons why Reddit may be running slow in one place and not another or running slow all together. Here are some of the most common ones.

#1. Internet Connection

It’s unlikely you’ll ever notice a brief hiccup in your internet providers’ download speed but that might be what’s responsible for Reddit lagging. This can also happen if a number of users are sharing your Wi-Fi connection. That’s been known to bring down the internet speed.

One way to test this is to try and load another website at the same time you’re experiencing difficulties with Reddit. If the load time is better for the other website, then it’s not your connection speed that’s the problem. Or you can visit sites like speedtest.net to check the speed directly.

#2. Device

If you’ve been using a particular device for a long time, eventually the hardware gets outdated by the software updates on apps. If the new software updates place a higher demand on your present hardware specifications, that would not only slow down Reddit but all apps, be it on your computer or mobile device.

#3. Reddit’s New User Interface

Some users have pinned the cause of Reddit slowing down of late on its updated UI that downloads more data and therefore puts a greater strain on your internet connection.

From time to time, Reddit does come out with new updates that slow the website down. Every software gets bugs. Waiting for Reddit to come back and resolve it is your only option.

#4. Reddit Has No Cloud Backup

Reddit is a humongous website but doesn’t use any cloud backup services. So if they ever have a server outage, there’s no recovery plan. Until they manage to fix it, the site or app will have a lot of downtimes, and if the damage is extensive, it may not load at all. Most major websites tend to have a replica website with cloud backup that loads whenever the main one crashes to keep the traffic steady.

#5. High Traffic

On certain special days, like the Presidential Election, for instance, you can expect your local Reddit server to get overloaded with increased traffic. This will reduce the downtime each user experiences.

#6. Cache

Your cache memory stores information from the websites you visit such as data, icons, pictures, and sometimes even full web pages. The reason? To reduce the load time for when you revisit the site.

However, your cache memory has a limit. If you’ve done a lot of browsing, your cache memory can get overburdened and this ends up slowing down your browsing experience.

How Do I Make Reddit Load Faster?

How Do I Make Reddit Load Faster

Frustrated and wondering why is Reddit so slow for you? Here are some of the measures you can take to diagnose and correct the problem at its root.

#1. Check your Internet Connection

Number 1 should come as no shocker. Use a speed test to measure the speed. Try loading some other websites. Maybe the problem is you’re sharing the network with too many people. Or, you might be sitting too far from the router and need to get closer.

If your Internet Service Provider is inconsistent, contact them. You may need to change your connection type or get a whole new ISP altogether if the existing one is complacent.

#2. Update Device Softwares or the Device Itself

Whether you’re running Reddit on your iPhone, Android, or PC, you need to make sure your UI is updated to its latest version to incorporate all the bug fixes. Because, for all you know, one of those bug fixes might be for your loading speed.

Reddit is going to keep updating itself, grow larger, and include more features. If your device cannot keep up anymore, it may be time to consider buying some new tech. It’s possible you may also be in need of a new router.

#3. Clear Your Cache

As mentioned earlier, it may be your cache memory that’s causing the downtime. Clear all cache, cookies, and data, and then try reloading Reddit. It may not solve the problem, but at the very least, it will cause a slight boost in your internet speed because an overburdened cache memory tends to slow down all apps on a device.

#4. Try Another Browser

Some Redditors have reported that Reddit loads faster on edge than Google Chrome. Some even suggest that Chrome is faster. It’s hard to say who’s telling the truth, after all, it is Reddit. But it’s still worth trying out. Change your browser and see what happens.

#5. Wait

If the root of the problem is Reddit itself because they’re having server issues or installing new updates, all you can really do is wait and check for announcements.

A Few Parting Words

It can be frustrating to wait for a Reddit thread to load. But if the downtime is coming from Reddit’s end, all you can do is wait.

While you’re waiting, try checking out sites like Quora, 4chan, or Voat. They’re all similar to Reddit but with prettier interfaces. You can complain about why is Reddit so slow all you want there.

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