why men should wear jewelry

5 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Jewelry

There is less and less stigma attached to men wearing statement jewelry pieces as a part of their everyday outfits. However, there might still be a lack of confidence from men because, in general, jewelry was not traditionally seen as mainstream for their gender as it was for women.

While the world has arguably moved on, there is still understandable anxiety attached. So, if you are looking for a boost of confidence, read on for five reasons why men should wear jewelry.

1. It Brings An Outfit Together

Jewelry is all about accentuating what you’re already wearing. It is a core accessory for both men and women, and can absolutely be the cherry on top of an outfit if you match things up nicely. A thoughtfully hung pendant or a bold ring are both great choices for masculine energy and are perfect ways to add some variety to a fashion ensemble.

2. There Are Some Great Quality Luxury Pieces

Much like women’s fashion, there are some wonderful designer pieces available in the male jewelry market. You can find a good selection of mens designer jewelry if you know where to look and what you’re looking for. The mark of a good piece of jewelry is a trusted designer, ethical sourcing, and durable material that has been sustainably maintained.

3. It Gives You Confidence

There are lots of fashion choices that can boost your confidence, and jewelry is definitely one of them. Whether it is an earring or two or three, or a beautiful bracelet on your arm, wearing what you feel confident in is a luxury afforded to both genders.

If you want to go shiny and sparkling, go for it if that is what brings you self assurance and boosts your self esteem. If you prefer something wooden or darker, that’s equally as valid. Deciding which jewelry to wear is definitely a personal choice, and should stay that way.

4. It Can Be Personal

Many jewelry pieces are created with a personal touch, for instance, something engraved with a child’s name and date of birth alongside a birthstone. These types of jewelry are obviously important to each gender and should be mainstream too.

Jewelry, while a clear fashion statement, is also an intimate expression of love or remembrance. Don’t be afraid to wear a special piece close to your heart.

5. Jewelry Creates An Air Of Mystery

If you were ever looking for a conversation starter, just look to your jewelry. When you wear it out of the house to social events and similar, there is a natural way to break the ice and an interesting talking point. So, not only will it make you feel more confident, but it will help you get talking to people as well and create a more fun social experience in most settings.

There are many reasons why men should wear jewelry. These are the top five, and all brilliant supporting points. As the world moves further away from the mindset that men can’t wear fashionable accessories, confidence grows and viewpoints are reformed as well. These are all positive changes for the collective.

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