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Why People Love Working In Healthcare

by Lois R. Earles

There are many reasons people enter a healthcare career. While it is common to hear about the trials of working in healthcare, many wonderful positives come with it, too. It isn’t a career just anyone can get into, as it takes intelligence, patience, and a genuine drive to help others, but those who excel in the role find that it’s one of the most rewarding careers to pursue.

Whether you are interested in a career change and are looking at how to become a clinical laboratory scientist, or are just starting your working life, here are the reasons you would love working in healthcare.

The Ability to Help Others

The ability to help others is what drives the majority of healthcare workers, and it is also the reason many people begin their careers in the first place. Not many jobs allow you to heighten other people’s quality of life, bring comfort to those who need it, and potentially save lives regularly. Working in healthcare is the closest people get to being a real-life superhero!

While not every day is easy going, watching a patient’s symptoms improve or a family cry with happiness because you have helped their loved one is a feeling that cannot be found elsewhere.

The Earning Potential

Many healthcare careers are extremely lucrative, with many walking away with six figures under their belt. Others such as PTs can make around $75,000 a year according to a physical therapist salary study. It makes sense – healthcare requires hard work, high levels of education, and a strong will. The earning potential doesn’t end when a role is secured, too – registered nurses can work their way up to other more lucrative careers such as family nurse practitioners. Click here to see how one would go about becoming an FNP.

While the hefty paycheck is not why many people enter the healthcare sector, it is an excellent motivator. Some of the highest paying healthcare roles are:

• Surgeon – upwards of $300K
• Pharmacist – upwards of $100K
• Radiation Therapist – upwards of $70K
• Physical Therapist – upwards of $80K
• Dentist – upwards of $150K

As you can see, many healthcare roles bring home a large salary. Compared to other sectors, it is one of the most lucrative areas for people to get their foot in the door, so if money drives you, then healthcare could be the right path.

The Number of Courses Available

With the number of healthcare roles, there are also many courses available to get you started in your career. The qualifications come in a large variety, from how long they take to how difficult the courses are. For example, becoming a surgeon is extremely difficult and requires high intelligence, along with at least eight years of higher education. To become a registered nurse, however, you will need only a bachelor’s degree.

There are also options to study online to become a healthcare worker. This means that those who are already working in other roles can pursue an education in healthcare if they wish to switch careers in the future.

The Job Stability

With the current aging population, the need for healthcare workers is only increasing. This means that anyone who wants to pursue a healthcare role can be secure in the knowledge that their skills will be sought out for quite some time. While many other careers might be in danger of becoming phased out, especially due to the increasing intelligence of technology, healthcare is one where humans are necessary.

Flexible Shifts

Healthcare isn’t a typical nine until five role – patients need care whether it’s 2 am on a Tuesday or 9 pm on a Saturday! While some people prefer fixed shifts, many healthcare workers love the fact that their shifts are flexible.

Flexibility is especially helpful for those who are attending school at the same time or who have children. The ability to take Mondays or Tuesdays off is generally unheard of in most careers, but in healthcare, it is both reasonable and common.

The Respect Gained

Some careers gain more respect than others, and healthcare is one in particular that others look up to. As soon as you hear that someone works to help others, your opinion of them heightens. This respect fills those who work in healthcare with pride, and going to work proud of what you do is a huge motivation booster. No matter how difficult a day is or how much overtime has to be done, healthcare workers know that their role is necessary and respected.

The Patients

Many healthcare workers love their careers because of the patients. Each day, they are met with a variety of people, some of whom will make them smile, tell them interesting stories, and even make them laugh so much they cry! Working with such a wide range of people makes healthcare workers appreciate the gentle, kind, and hilarious parts of humankind.

The Transferable Skills

Working in healthcare takes drive, passion, and empathy, traits that can be used in other areas of life. For example, those who work in a healthcare career find that they become great parents, as they already know how to look after others. Also, if somebody injures themselves around them, they can provide help better than anyone else present.

A Stimulating Career

In healthcare, no two days are ever the same. Many people grow bored in the usual nine until five drag, where they perform the same tasks day in and day out and find that healthcare provides them with the stimulation they need to stay excited about their career. Yes, the career isn’t easy, but it is also never boring!

The Team

The bonds people share in healthcare are unmatched. When working each day to help patients recover, the friendships formed are strong. Often, healthcare workers must rely on their co-workers to get through the day, and this teamwork results in unwavering trust.

All healthcare workers work hard each shift to provide attention and care to those who need it most. While there aren’t any easy roles, there are plenty of reasons those who work in healthcare love what they do and never consider changing careers.

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